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STG provides easy access support for your website. Please view the information about the ticket sections and urgency levels before filling out a ticket. If you have any questions please let us know! You can reach us at (517) 668-5268.

Ticket Sections

First and Last name of the person filling out the form

Email of person who should be contacted about the requests completion, or any other matters regarding the ticket

Organization’s full title that the website is representing

Website URL
Website URL (ie. ‘’) of where the ticket should be completed on.

Urgency Level
The importance/how quickly a ticket needs to be completed.

Update/Issue Description
Detailed description of what you would like us to help with. This includes update/issue description and page location

File Selector
If you would like to send over a document or image in the ticket, this is where you would include that content

Urgency Levels

•     Low – Website updates or issues that should be resolved within 5 business days. They do not need quick attention and will not impact the vast majority of users.

•     Normal – Website updates or issues that need to be resolved within 3 business days. This level should be used for standard updates to a website

•     High – Website updates or issues or updates that need to be resolved within the day. This includes problems that negatively affect the users or updates with a sudden deadline

•     Critical – Urgent situations that require immediate attention. This includes situations such as a website being down or needing to notify users of a pressing issue. Depending on the type of request and when the ticket is submitted, additional fees may apply.

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If you have been contacted by STG regarding a remote support session, click the link below and join with the code provided by STG. Click here to begin remote support session.