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Website Features

Website Features

Here is a list of our website features. We view everything listed as essential for any new website.  To access a description of the feature just click on the the feature you are interested in and it will appear bellow!

Appealing and Modern Design
ADA Accessible
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Easy to Update
Fast Loading
.GOV Domain Assistance
Fully Supported Services
  • The website appears representative of your community and incorporates an attractive overall presence in regards to the design & layout, call to action buttons, bordering, and the contrast of navigation elements to content.
  • The township logo is creative, expresses a clear and positive connotation, and is clearly displayed.
  • Text and color scheme of the page is effective at drawing the eye of the reader. 
  • Website content appropriately utilizes the full width of the screen.
  • The Township Hall is effectively displayed on the homepage.
  • The ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in all services, programs, and activities of state and local governments.
  • Governments must take steps to ensure that their communications with people with disabilities are as effective as their communications with others.
  • A website with inaccessible features can limit the ability of people with disabilities to access a public entity’s programs, services and activities available through that website.
  • Easily usable and accessible on smart phones and small tablets… The majority of the people looking at websites are accessing it through these devices and they need to be just as user friendly as it would be to go on a computer or laptop.
  • The most important information does appear to be presented on the homepage.
  • Website search bar is effectively utilized.
  • The navigation menu bar is organized in a mostly intuitive way and effectively reveals subcategory options when hovered over.
  • Key navigation options buttons are effectively utilized in the website.
  • Easily accessible quick links
  • Calendar
  • Maintenance without knowing how to code
  • Free training sessions to help officials learn
  • Each page loads quickly to ensure you can access what you need efficiently.
  • The Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) as well as the Michigan Department of Elections recommend that all government Websites utilize a .gov domain name for enhanced security. 
  • Here is a link to read more about it:
  • Adding, updating, or removing content from your site based on your requests.
  • adding meeting minutes or updating the calendar of events.
  • Creating new pages with content that you provide.
  • Installing updates to the Website platform / content management system.
  • Restoring site backups should anything go wrong.
  • Providing you with on-going support and training in case you wish to make any changes yourself.
  • Enhanced security including SSL encryption and CAPTCHA anti-spam feature
  • .GOV domain name(mentioned above)

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